Symbol system
The creation of this symbol system and its root/determinants was a months long project for my Intro to Visual Communication Design class of Fall 2019. The hypothetical scenario I was designing for was an ENT conference for which I created 5 main symbols for the human senses as verbs. Empathy and human-centerd design philosophy were the front and center of this project, as I was creating visual communications that were meant to be intuitive, contemporary, and universal. 
The final designs: (LEFT) Five Human Senses Symbol System,  (RIGHT) Three Root/Determinants for specific medical procedures
1. Start of the project: Developing initial sketches and creating a mood board for the project.
Assigned the 5 human senses as verbs, I was to explore and find the most effective designs that depicted the acts of smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight. 
The context for which I was designing was an ENT conference. 
2. DEVELOPMENT STARTS: A direction is chosen and exploration of the concept starts.
3. ROOT/DETERMINANT: Chose one of the 5 symbols and created 3 root/determinants for specific medical procedures.
4. FINAL DESIGNS: After hundreds of ideations and changes, the final symbol system is developed.