Hello, I'm Ivan Kostovski 
Здраво, јас сум Иван Костовски
Hello there, I'm Ivan — a visual communication problem solver and a student of human-centric design experience. I believe in the democratization of knowledge as an intrinsic good for all humans — and human-centered design as the philosophy & tool most capable of bringing forth a more accessible and just world.

I'm a senior undergraduate at The Ohio State University majoring in Visual Communication Design, with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

A tad bit more about myself...

I'm a recent immigrant from Macedonia
I'm glad that I can freely express my cultural identity in the United States. Because of my background, I'm natively fluent in Macedonian and English, and could probably work my way around with Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, and Bulgarian speakers. Also, it would mean the world to me if I am addressed with the Macedonian pronunciation of my name: Eé-vahn; instead of the English Ai·vn. 
History is my thing
It all started off as a small quest to learn more about Balkan history and it grew to be a passion of mine that I definitely, 100% don't spend countless hours reading up on.  
I'm a Turkish coffee connoisseur
Love making it and I love drinking it. Every culture from the Balkan, to the Middle East seem to have their own spin on Turkish coffee and I'm on a life
long journey to try them all.

Connect w/ me: 
My email: ivankostovski14@gmail.com
Find me on: linkedin | youtube | behance

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